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young girl smiling todler and teacher smiling two little boys playing two todlers playing on the floor

Providing high quality child care in Huntly, Aberdeenshire

Here at Kiddie Winkles our nursery is designed and equipped to meet the specific needs of early years children and all our rooms are designed to offer a safe environment for your child.


If you require before and after-school childcare, we can arrange transport to and from local schools in Huntly.

We have a wide range of carefully selected toys, books and equipment that provides the children with the stimulation needed for their physical, mental and emotional growth.

Each child is treated equally regardless of their age, race, ethnic origin, religious beliefs or individual needs and we ensure all children in our care are safeguarded from all forms of abuse.


Our highly qualified and experienced staff work together with every parent / guardian to ensure they get the care they need.


We operate an open door policy so you are welcome to come and have a look around, just give us a call to arrange a suitable time for you.

Why not bring your child with you for a look around?

01466 793 381